Neurologic Music Therapy

Neurologic Music Therapy with Melissa is offered at Abaton Integrative Medicine located at 235 Randall Street in Oakville, ON. To book an appointment or to inquire for fee schedule please call 905 580 3333. 

Melissa is always willing to consult and collaborate with allied health practitioners. If you are an allied health professional looking to learn more, please don’t hesitate to send an email.

Workshops & Groups

Starlings: A Music Therapy Group

Starlings in the Nest music therapy group for expecting mothers who are looking to explore this transitional period in your life, particularly those that feel they could benefit from some support with the emotional aspect of having a baby

Starlings: a music therapy group is for baby and their adult to enhance their relationship by using music.

Starlings Birdsong is for babies 12-18 months and their primary carers to support early communication, bonding, and emotional expression.

Falls Prevention Music Therapy Group

A neurologic music therapy group for older adults to focus on improving balance & coordination, range of motion, gait, and overall physical strength.

Assessment and registration is required to participate.

Mondays at 10AM
No session Nov. 12, 2018

Music & Movement for Older Adults

Engaging in music is one of the best cognitive workouts that you can participate in, and with the combination of movement we’ll be getting a full body workout from our minds to the tips of our toes. Live music is used to reflect movements and enhance and strengthen coordination, muscle control, and balance. This program aims to be a fun and engaging exercise experience that will strengthen both cognitive and sensorimotor skills. 

For more information or to book this program at a LTC or in retirement living please get in touch